Removing Spawn Points in active MAP

Hi folks

are there repercussions if i remove the spawn points in an already active map ?

would the map be corrupted and caused haywire to the buildings / dino spawn etc

thank you

I’m not sure, as I have not tried it yet. As long as you are making a copy/duplicate/child of whatever you are editing (and edit that copy/dupilicate/child only) then you can always go back to using the original if it does cause any problems.

Well im im just guessing here but as long as you dont touch Bed spawns should be able to remove / add new spawn with out any issues.

As long as you don’t remove an entire region of spawn points I don’t see a problem.

And any idea where i can find the code/blue scripting for the teleporting bed? I have an idea for a mod using the same concept as the bed. I tried checking the Bed bp or any references to it, cant find anything.

Too many spawn points, thinking of trimming it and concentrating habitable areas.

Can anyone link me the tutorial to remove the points? I know ive seen it before i cant find using the search button.