Removing packages game window frame


I am using the FFakeStereoRenderer that I am specifying with the -emulatestereo command at runtime.

Also, inside my level blueprint I set my video resolution to be at 2560x1024.

This way, I can have side by side stereo rendering where I have one eye on one screen and the other eye on the other screen. My screens are then duplicated and sent to an HMD (Nvisor).

I would like to remove the frame around my game window (it would be the equivalent of the "-nopopup option under Unity).

If I go to full screen mode, I loose my resolution setting and the window just maximize in one of the screens.

Since there is no command line argument for that under Unreal, I guess I have to do it programaticaly.

Could I have any guidance on where to modify Unreal 's code in order to do that ?

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PS I really like what you guys do at Epic !