Removing obsolete Data from Save Game Files on Server Start

Hey guys,

I watched Zens workshop on savegames, but there is one point, that drives me crazy about it. On the mentioned Video, every new built Shrine registers on the Save File and writes his Data to it. Unfortunately in the whole video there is no information on what happens with the data when the Structure is destroyed. For example, when the player picks the structure up 5 times, before he is satisfied with its position, there are 5 unused entries at the Safe File (I guess every time the structure will get a new ID). Do this entries need to be removed manually or are they removed automatically?

If they need to be removed manually, how. Removing the entry when the Actor gets destroyed seems not reliable to me, as Actors can be removed from the game on other ways.

I now tried 10 Min after a Server restart to get the ID of all Instances of my Structure and delete all entries from the Save File that cant be find on the map, but unfortunately this always happens with existing Structures too.

Even if in this case, the save files should not grow too much without cleaning them, this is more a kind of test for a further idea.

I plan to adjust several Creature stats in a random way by a buff added on spawn. While this is all fine as long as a creature wipe is performed with every server restart, without this wipe, creatures will be modified twice. In lack of a bool at the creature-bp, I could use to indicate if this creature already was modified, I want to save this information in a save file. I´m sure you all can imagine, how fast this file will grow, if after every restart information on every creature will be added to this file without removing obsolete data.

Even if there is no way in cleaning the save files, may one of you has an idea on how to realizing my idea in a way, my mod stays stackable (no change in core files)?