Removing Object From Parent In Matinee

Might seem a little odd, but iv tried a few weeks to figure this out and have had little results.

So im trying to animate a object in manitee that is going to travel a great distance. Attached to this object are several objects that at different point’s in time will go away from the parent and be doing their own things independent of the parent.

My first solution was to have them still attached to the parent and then just animate them going off, however this is a pain as it looks like there moving up and down as i need to constantly re adjust its location so its still not following the parent.

I then attempted to do the opposite and have them right from the start not being attached to the main object, however as it was traveling along the main object it again does not look right as im constantly trying to adjust it to match the main object.
Iv been looking into the possibilities of using sockets as a idea but again this seemed to lead to a dead end.

If anyone has any ideas on if there is a possibility of removing the object from the parent mid sequence that be great!