Removing Instanced Mesh removes the collision but the mesh is still visible

Hi, I am currently working on a minecraft-like procedural terrain generation and I run into an issue I cant really explain.
I wanna remove a instanced mesh in my level, I used a line trace channel to get the instance index of the block I am looking at and the “Remove Instance” node to remove it when I press the left mouse button.

This only works for around 80% of the blocks though, sometimes the block doesnt dissapear, it has no collision with my pawn anymore and the line trace ignores it aswell, but it is still visible. Any ideas what cause this, I cant figure out why it would act like this so I posted in the Bug Reports section.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I got this bug too when i updated my project to a new engine version. In the end I had to recreate my blueprint actor to get it to work properly. I think this is what you are getting

Okay thanks, this looks very similar to my issue. I didnt update my project to a new engine version but will still try to recreate the actor. If its working now, which version are you using?

As shown in the video I was using 4.16 before and 4.18 now. But, I guess my issue occured due to bad migration. However, if you are getting it without that, your issue may or may not get resolved the same way. I just mentioned mine as the problem sounded the same.

For helping the devs or anyone fully recreate and debug this you would need to give some kind of steps for them to recreate it.