Removing DM debris chunks on timeout or crumble counts as additional fractures for each chunk

If using OnComponentFracture in a blueprint and the DM has debris enabled with debris timeout and/or crumble smallest chunks when the debris is removed it causes OnComponentFracture to fire for each chunk it is removing.

I discovered this when using it to spawn an actor. So instead of getting 1 actor, a DM with 100 chunks would give me 101 actors.

I solved this with DoOnce. But, I still feel that the chunks being removed should not fire OnComponentFracture so I am submitting this as a bug report.

Hi InternetPotatoMan,

Thank you for the report.

I’ve submitted UE-18665 to be assessed by the development team.

To clarify some of what I found. In your example where you point out that a DM with 100 fractures fires 101 times, this is because there is the base unfractured mesh, which counts as 1, and then the 100 fractures, so this will add up to the 101 that you’re seeing.

Once I have an update I’ll post back here.

Thank you!