Removing cloud from standard skybox

Is there an easy way to remove the white clouds from the standard ue4 skybox, need to simulate a bright sunny day without clouds.

Or do I need to change the skybox texture, I can’t seem to find this, where should I be looking.

I’d really appreciate some help, Many thanks!

Cloud Opacity controls the visibility of the clouds.

Ah Ok, where is that setting btw?

In the sky sphere

Thanks for that raildex!

Hi Raildex,

You were right with cloud opacity, but I’m still having issues.

How do I remove the white from the following image that’s a view out of my window:

Skysphere settings are as follows:

I’ve been messing about with the skybox texture horizon distribution constant 3 values, this is weird if i set them all to -15, it works in one room but in all the others the sky ranges from being dark to completely white!!!

Guys, come on please help!