Removing "Add To Project" Content

Hello all, fairly new to this place and the engine, although I’ve worked with Gold Source, Source, RAGE, MT Framework and many other game engines (modding mostly) over the past decade.

Now that the introduction is out of the way. I’ve been working on a project for a few weeks now. Saw that Epic posted the Open World Demo Collection assets and wanted to see how they would look in my project. I added them to the project via the launcher’s “Add to project” button. That went just fine, took a moment and was ready. Once the editor was loaded, I played around with the assets for awhile, realized I wouldn’t need them anytime soon. So I went ahead and selected the KiteDemo folder from the Content Browser and selected delete. It prompted me to make sure I was sure. I told it to go ahead and delete.

At this point I walked away from my computer to let it do it’s thing. I came back after making lunch (30 minutes?) and it was STILL deleting (Progress bar was moving). I decided to check the processes in task manager and noticed this…


It was loading ALL the assets from the KiteDemo into my system memory. This number peaks at around 10GB of my system memory. I am still waiting as I type this for the files to be removed from the project. My project isn’t very large, it’s based off the FPS template and has under 1GB of additional data I’ve added since (most of my time has been spent on Blueprints).

I am wondering if this is an INTENDED process of the editor, or if there is another way to delete assets without causing an issue. I.E. close the editor and delete the folder in Windows Explorer.

Okay, so after about 1 hour of letting it try to delete… The progress bar did keep moving, and when it got to nearly 100% done it crashed. Below is the log.

Hi IceDDZ,

Please post this to the answerhub in the bug reports section at so we can assist you more in depth.