Removing a weapon

Hi all bit of a newbie here. I want to use a paragon character but I don’t want the weapons how can I remove them please thanks in advance for any help.

Depends. Usually those are integral part of the character mesh. You would have to edit the character’s mesh and delete the weapon there if that is the case.
TwinBlast is the same way too, the weapons and the bones that operate them are within the main character.

thanks I been into the main character high lighted the weapon right clicked and hit the delete weapon but when I go to play it’s still there.

two days now and still can’t find where to delete the weapon anyone one got any ideas.

The primary character weapon is part of the mesh detail so to do it the hard way you will have to export the mesh model and delete the mesh in a 3d editor like Blender.

You can also animate the scale of the root bone for the weapon and set its relative scale to 0 0 0

The easy way is to make a simple mask material setting the mask opacity RGB to 0 0 0 and apply it to the material ID of the weapon

thank you the mask worked.