Removing a "Main Menu" widget and replace it with "Options" widget when the options btn is clicked.


I’m using an Widget Interaction component to help with handling a menu.
I’ve got a MenuWidget blueprint and in there a Widget component. In the Widget component I’ve set the Widget Class to “Main Menu” which is a widget with three buttons - “Play”, “Options”, “Quit”.

The MenuWidget blueprint is dragged into the level.

When the options button is clicked (I’m using a VR controller for this and the clicking works fine) I am trying to switch widgets to an “Options” widget to replace the “Main Menu” widget.

I’ve attached what I’ve done below. I’ve tried using Remove and Remove parent to remove the old widget and set the new one but without much luck.

Any tips would be great.


*What I thought I would do in the meantime is have two blueprints - one called “MenuWidget” and the other “OptionsWidget” and then just hide one or the other depending on what button is clicked.

You can just drag all the widgets into a “main” widget (canvas), a root. When clicking options hide the main menu widget.
Im not experienced with VR widgets, but I assume its the same ?