Removing a C++ script from uAsset file?

I recently attempted to add a tiny C++ script to a project I’m working on. It blew up, and even after commenting out ALL of the script, the project in Unreal Engine still refuses to build. I’ve rebuilt the solution in Microsoft Visual Studio C++, but I can’t open my project.

Is there anywhere I can remove the addition of this script in the uAsset file manually?

Thank you!

Remove the Binaries and Intermediate folders from your project and run it (the source files will begin to be rebuilt). Is it going well?

I figured out the there is a problem with the VRM4U plug in, and I needed to re-add the plug-in’s SOURCE to my project.

But thank you, I will keep your suggestion in my notes, as I’m sure I’ll run into further issues when I begin delving into C++ more. I’ve got another project that I need to add printing capabilities to Unreal Engine, so that shall be interesting. :slight_smile:

Although I was able to fix my project, and I can now open it in unreal, I’m still getting the error message to Rebuild manually. I’ve deleted the Binaries and Intermediate folders and I’ve “played” it, but I’m probably missing something here.

If you are offered a manual rebuild, then when you build the project in Visual Studio you will definitely get the exact place where the error occurs.

I’m not manually rebuilding it though. This message pops up whenever I try to open my project via Unreal Engine, including after I deleted the above mentioned folders.