Hello, can we have an RemoveSurfaceMaterial for UE4 ED?
And where can I find it?
Thx in advance

Hi desnosj,

I’m unsure of what you are asking. What are you wanting to use this for exactly? And are you talking about a material blueprint node or a toggle in the editor?

You are talking about the (BSP) Geometry creation tool? If so, our system is quite different from theirs. You can delete faces from our BSP geometry by using the Geometry Editing tool. It is located under the Modes panel or by hitting Shift+5. Just select the face and hit Delete.

Keep in mind BSP’s are only meant to be used as placeholders while blocking out your level. They should be replaced with static meshes before publishing.

Nop I just search a material like NODRAW in source engine for remove the face directly after compilation.

Ok BSP is now out? All BSP as been converted into Static mesh?

Sorry about that, I amended my response above, you can delete faces when the object is still in BSP form.

Once you convert it to a Static Mesh you will need to export it to 3D Software in order to edit it.

Ok I anderstand.
Thanks a lot.

Just for information, BSP brush is not really used in the level now? Game designer convert they in static mesh for better optimisation?

Yes exactly. You won’t notice a real difference in the editor, but once you package a project you will usually notice the FramesPerSecond drop in areas that contain BSPs.

You’re welcome and good luck with your project.