Removes Points in Landscapes

Okay, So I imported a map from world machine which was exported at the highest possible resolution that Unreal Engine takes and yet my landscape still has random points. When I use the sculpt mode to smooth them out it just flattens my mountains to a smooth mountain. I have Erosion and ridges in my mountain that I want to keep, but I want to remove the points at the very top of my mountains. It is really frustrating and time consuming to smooth them and manually re-raise the erosion and ridges. There has to be an easier way to remove the annoying points from my landscape, seeing how were limited on the size of resolution we’re allowed. Can’t see Epic Games designing a Game Engine that forces us to do more work. Any suggestions?

What exactly do you mean with “points”? :slight_smile:
Instead of smoothing them you could erode them to get a more natural result.

I highlighted the points. Its as if it was a really low quality map but i exported it the highest resolution that UE4 Supports so I cannot make it any better. However, I thought maybe if I export them in smaller tiles with the same resolution maybe it’ll give me a better result but this export took over 2 hours as it was so If there is an easier way that’d be best. Thx for the reply btw.

Also, is there a way to like auto-smooth or auto-erode the terrain? It’s a rather large terrain and It would take a very very very long time to go mountain by mountain to do it by hand.

You could smooth everything in world machine: :// ://

Thanks again for the reply, this will definitely help, I’m not sure if this is what I was looking for though as I already use this method to smooth out the corners of my island, but the “points” im talking about are actually the Peaks of the erosion ridges on my mountains and this method doesn’t affect those peaks. I spent hours last night smoothing these peaks and I barely made an impact on my map. I guess I’ll have to export/import my map in smaller scale and in multiples as a composition to receive the look im shooting for. Thanks for the help though , Really appreciate it!

Have you tried using a higher resolution landscape? (Not heightmap resolution).

IIRC with all of the landscape sizes they are all the same resolution (1quad/meter).

Perhaps play around with scaling your landscape and see if it gives you the look you’re looking for.

Xerithas, you mean in UE4 Editor? Change the Resolution of the Map? I had played around a bit with that and didn’t really change too much. Maybe I was doing something wrong lol I’ll play around a little more with the settings, thanks for the reply!

It might not solve anything but it doesn’t hurt to try.
And yes I meant the ‘scale’ inside UE4.

Alright thanks! I’ll take a look again I’m currently exporting my map again with smaller tile and the highest resolution and ill try the scale adjusting in UE4. Thanks a lot for the help guys!