Remove XP Gain for Harvesting/Crafting

Hi guys, first time posted, noob modder with a few questions before i jump down this rabbit hole.

Im looking to create a server where the only method for the player to gain xp is to kill dinos. I figured the easiest way to accomplish this is to just remove the xp gain for harvesting and crafting. Im currently searching the forums for anything that even slightly resembles this as a current mod but have come up with nothing. Looking for any and all info on how to get this ball rolling. I would like to restrict this mod to players only, if it were to be dinos as well it might be very difficult to level up your harvesting mounts.

Looking forward to hearing what you all think.



I really, really want to say that within the past couple of months, WC released .ini options for either exp or gather… I really want to say exp… Of certain actions. I swear there was like 5, harvest, kill, craft, etc. Please let me know if you can dig this up

So these valuse here are what your talking about, they are not currently editable from the game.ini as far as the patch nots, only here. I have set the valuse i want gone to Zero but it still hasten been represented in game. No issues making the mod and uploading, copied the 3 Generic files, (PrimalGameData, TestGameMode, and Level) made sure they pointed to each other correctly as per a guide, but the change seems to not go through. Any ideas what im doing wrong? Maybe these values are not what I seek. Should i be making a total conversion instead of a mod to change these files?


Im going to play around some more but i really do need some guidance here. I believe this could be a very fun concept and currently paying for a host server i would like to implement it on.


And i just made it work, and also found a forum post about changing those options using the game.ini


Yeaaa Learning!

Do we know the difference between generic and special exp? Also, if you’re making copies for your mod, it won’t work. Those files need to be children.

Ya no mod required, just added those lines to my game.ini. As for Generic Xp, i believe thats the xp gained over time. Special is still a mystery, could be some future use.

thanks for the reply!