remove widget when i switch between first person characters

Hi all,

I’d like to remove a widget from the viewport as i cycle through first person characters. I have it working with a delay, but obviously if i switch first person character before the delay has ended then the next widget sits on top untill the previous widgets delay has expired. Any ideas how i could override the delay and remove the widget as i switch between players? I’ve attached the example of how i have it working with the delay currently. As a side note i’d also like to fade out the opacity of the widget text over time. Is that possible?

Thanks in advance for any guidance.

Thanks for the reply, i guess this answers how to fade out the widget. I’ll give that a try. But the main problem is removing the widget if the first person character is swapped. I guess maybe adding the widget to the first person character instead could be the way to go?

I actually worked out a simple fix to my own question.
If i put a “remove all widgets” node before creating the widget then it kills the widget even if the character has changed before the delay has finished for the previous widget.