Remove Widget on Player Death

So I have tried everything I know, and can find online. Maybe ARK Devs can chime in on what I need to do or what the issue is and a possible work around.

I have had to use a Buff to create the widget and add to viewport because I get this error when I try to do it from the offhand item I have created.

Error Pin  World Context Object  must have a connection

So, I use a buff to do it.

Equipping the item adds the buff to the player:

The buff then enters begin play, which will add the widget to the viewport:

Then, when player dies, it does trigger the End Play, and I have tried everything to remove the widget, but widget is frozen on players screen, even after respawn:


Might be dirty, but it works.

I know this is an old thread, but I just wanted to say thanks for posting your solution.(far too may people say they have fixed things, without saying how!)

You solution also worked for me, when I was having trouble removing some locally spawned particle effects upon player death.