Remove wheel from simple wheeled component in runtime

I am trying to break off the wheel from simple wheeled movement component when car get destroyed.
The problem is that the wheels get broken off from the SKM but the car is floating and rolling on invisible wheels simulated by simple wheeled movement component.
Things I have tried:

  1. Disable simple wheeled movement component (cant drive, wheels still there floating the car)

  2. Clear the wheels in simple wheeled movement component’s wheels array (does nothing)

  3. delete wheeled movement component (crashes editor)

  4. override physics asset on car SKM (crashes editor)

  5. Change skeletal mesh (new SKM gets applied but wheels still there)

Any suggestions?

I met the same problem.
I found that UVehicleWheel has a function named “Shutdown()”, but when I run it, it does nothing, didn’t know how to make it work
Have you found a solution to this?