Remove unused content from the library


I have purchased some stuff i dont need it again, but i cant delete it :frowning:

How can i permanent remove in the Launcher Library -> unused content?

I got so much stuff and all the unused, i dont want to see or use it in the future time.

“Inventory UI with UMG”

How can i delte this completly from the list?
I never need this anymore!
Have allready removed it from my project, but the option exist allready :frowning:

German language:
Wie kann ich in der Bibliothek dauerhaft die alten Sachen aus dem Depot löschen?

Thank you for all informations!


+1 for this.

After adding random asset packages and using only 1-2 assets (out of ~50 from each one), I’d love the option to just remove everything without dependencies.

Mmmm, yeah… I ditto this. Like the Skookum (sp?) plug-in.

push this thread

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You never know when you may need restore or update an item you’ve spent money on. I would prefer the option to ‘Hide’ items on separate page I don’t want to see in my Library Vault instead of a permanent removal.


Please can we get something like this. Free content should have a “delete” option (since it is free and can always be added again if needed) and paid content should have a “hide” option.


I agree! At least a Hide function would be very welcome to better organize our vault…


Or how about folders in our vault?


Does anybody have update about this topic? i’m looking exactly these things, some “Hide” button or better some folders to group my packages in “VFX”, “realistic”, “nature” and other stuff


The Unreal Engine Vault should be more like a file browser in an operating system.

we really need folders to organize our marketplace vault, and a personal way to rank these products would be nice too. I would also like to be able to order the elements in these folders based on different criteria, like personal ranking, public ranking, oldest to newest, newest to oldest, alphabetical, reverse alphabetical, by category, etc… I want to be able to adjust thumbnail size and have these settings saved per folder.

Also the “Add To Project” and “Remove Local Content” buttons are bright yellow and extremely distracting when trying to read the names or look at tiny thumbnails. Why not just make them grey “+” and “-” symbols, which blend into the background, or maybe hide them in a right click menu? Putting the names under the thumbnails instead of off to the side would allow for way more information on the screen, with larger thumbnails.


Eight years later and people are still begging for this feature. Even a “filter by engine version” would be helpful.



Or some custom tag system, so we can tag “useless” and not display it ever.


Thought I was very stupid for not figuring this out, stunned you can’t do this.

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I’ve just seen tons of UE learning content and I’ve added them to my library just to realize they’re not compatible with the new version and I can’t undo it. -_-

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Yes that could be nice to have this function. A better filters by engine versions and the possibility to delete and rearange favorites. Thanks

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It is really sad, Epic tries to compete with steam, and yet they either cannot make intuitive and fast launcher, or they do not care.

Most of this functionality to hide and sort marketplace is almost same to what one would want for games library.

So no idea why it is not here yet. First year or so for epic store i could understand, that it is not priority when you just started. But now, that is not excuse anymore.

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