Remove unused assets from project

Would it be possible to have a feature that goes through and removes all unused assets? That would be awesome, thanks :3


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There is a way to do this already but not automatically.

Create a new blank project. Then migrate the maps containing the assets you want to keep to that new blank project. That will leave behind any unused assets. I do this all the time and it works well to clean up project folders that have become bloated with unused or out of date assets.

Python scripting is perfect for this kind of operations.

Such script will do the job.

That is almost correct. Works when reference count is zero, however there are plenty situations someone is referenced by another thing but in the end that reference chain isn’t used in any game level.
Ideally you’d check if a reference chain is linked to any game level’s .umap asset.

there is a plugin on the marketplace that does this

aqkotz, what’s the plugin name u mentioned above?

I made a plugin that does exactly what you’re asking for (might be what aqkotz is talking about)

Hope it helps

Btw it’s part of the march sale at half price
Check it out

Doesn’t work all the time. References to MyCustomGameInstance got all messed up.

This topic is years old, we have a really good solution now. Use GitHub - ashe23/ProjectCleaner: UE4 plugin for managing all unused assets and empty folders in pro

Thank you for the reply!
I’ll check it out!