Remove unsused assets

I would like to have a function similar to Maya’s “remove unused nodes” in the Hypershade. What this does is checks which assets in the content browser are not used in the scene, and removes them. Very handy for large scenes that tend to get pretty messy over time.

I agree that this would be a beyond useful feature, as I have a need for it as I type this. I wouldn’t even care if this didn’t check C++ code for path references, just something that I can use for my CB assets not being used in scenes/blueprints.

Please add more auditing tools in general for projects… (How about a future Twitch tutorial too???)

Its easy to be structured when starting out, keeping track of user assets / 3rd-party models / marketplace / community tools. But over time projects morph. Stuff gets pruned / added. Things were much simpler with UDK-GAD!

This actually already assists.
It just hasnt a nifty button, but is accesssible through the command line…
Its the wrangle content commandlet.

Nice! Then my feature request is changed to “Please add a button for this in the editor” =)

just migrate the maps you want into a new empty project and then there you have just the used stuff in it.

That’s what I usually do, but it would be better to just have a button for it.

I noticed a strange thing trying to remove unused assets and principally folders.

Many empty folders are impossible to deleting through Content Browser even after executing “Fix up redirect” command. I need to delete them manually via file explorer.

But, empty folders created by me using content browser, for later use, are automatically deleted when the Editor is closed and restarted. Precisely these folders should not be deleted automatically. :confused:

As said by Frepp73: “…but it would be better to just have a button for it.”, also to be used together with the feature to create a compressed zip file, which already exists.

So it should be a point-of-view from top to bottom of what might or might not be automatically cleaned through content browser using the user’s choices acting recursively over all project.