Remove Tiling in Textures

I’m sorry for posting such a noobish question, but I really don’t know what else to do, I tried looking for a solution but I haven’t really come across anything useful.
I am creating my landscape matte for my landscape, and I have my textures and my normals all connected fine, but the problem is I am getting some pretty obvious tiling issues which make everything look terrible.

So I tried to reverse engineer some of the starting materials that get rid of the repetition problem, and I found that ‘Texture Coordinate’ when linked to the Texture and the Normal can get rid of the tiling problem. However, if I drag my texture coordinate over to my texture and my normal, it gets rid of the texture’s connection with the ‘Landscape Coords’. Is there any way I can connect ‘TextCoord’ to my texture and normals and then have my ‘LandscapeCoords’ connect to the texture?

Here’s the set up of the landscape matte:

Here’s an example of what I’m trying to do:

The LandscapeCoordinate node is the “same” as the TextureCoordinate node for textures.
I think the underlying difference is that landscapes use a somewhat different metric than the “standard” UV space, or at least a different representation of it.
Otherwise the two nodes have the same purpose. One is just for landscapes, the other for textures…

What you could do is modifying the LandscapeCoordinate output by multiplying/adding a 2D vector to it.
This way you can scale and offset then as it pleases…


Should you always use the “LandscapeCoordinate” node for landscapes or could you use the “WorldAlignedTexture” function?

I hve no expirience with the “WorldAligned” node.
This is pure conjecture, but it would make sense if “WorldAligned” meant that the texture space maps always to the world origin.
In this case, the texture would be “unpegged” when you move the landscape actor in the level…

To hide the tiling you could use a material like the grass from the starter content -> there they add some variation to “hide” the tiling :slight_smile: