Remove third person character in ONE level?

Hey -

I asked on the forums already and was told to ask my question here.

I am using the blueprints 3rd person game template. One of my levels is being used to house a scene which will be a 3d menu before starting the game.

On that particular level, I obviously want to get rid of the character etc - but still have it in the other levels…

Can that be done? If so, Can I get some guidance on it, pleeease?




this is of course possible. Your game mode defines which character type will be spawned as player character.
You can override this game mode for your menu level by using the levels world settings tab. With another game mode for that level you can spawn another character handling what you want to do in your menu.

This process is documented here:
Game Mode Documentations

I hope this is enough to solve your problem. If it is still unclear then just reply here.

You will want to create a seperate Game Mode for your menu interface.

Just make a new one from the green Add New button. Select Blueprints then Game Mode.

The load up your menu level, open up world settings, select the Game Mode Override, then open up the dropdown and change your Default Pawn Class to whatever pawn you want to use for your situation.

If there are any issues let me know.

Incidentally, if you need to pass information between levels, you will want to look into the Game Instance.