Remove Sky Sphere Clouds

Is there a why to remove to Clouds from the Default SkySphere? I’ve been running performance test on my Project and my game is still too Heavy for a Low Poly game and the only thing
i can think of is the Clouds, they are very High Res at high and ultra settings. Or do the Clouds really don’t make a difference and my issue is coming from something else?

there are parameters exposed for the cloud density. just lower these

the sky textures are 2048x2048 (2731Kb) for T_Sky_Blue 2048x1024 (638Kb) for T+Sky_Clouds_M and 512x512 (171Kb) for T_Sky_Stars. all up that’s 3540Kb of vram used, quite a small amount. Killing the clouds would likely not even get you 0.001ms faster render time.

whats your current delta time? what are you aiming for? target hardware? tell us as much as you can and can probably track down the issue.
how are you running your performance test? are you using the profiling tools or just eyeballing it? if using the profile tools it should be clear whats causing your problems

Right now i’m using the tools in the settings in the Engine, when i am play testing inside the Engine and then i am using CAM Monitoring Software from NZXT when i am playing outside the Engine. I am testing on two computers my main computer which is a decent high end pc. and for the other i’m using my old PC which out of date by several years, with CAM it says i am running 800MB for VRAM and about 600MB for MEMORY with full 60 fps at Ultra settings and i am pretty sure those numbers are already good and low enough but since i am doing this by myself i have nothing to know if those are right or not. oh and it’s for pc…

Do you have anti alias on? if so turn it off. If not investigate different materials. Some materials can drop fps by 10-20 frames