Remove Save-On-Exit for Unmodified Maps

Just something I’ve come across with Rocket. For some reason, Rocket prompts me for a save upon exiting when the map hasn’t been modified – which sounds nice on its face but quickly becomes irritating in practice. UDK has a smart enough logic not to do this for unmodified maps – let’s see the same thing happen here.

(I get the feeling that, given the obviousness of this issue, that this is already on an internal todo list somewhere… but it’s still worth mentioning just in case.)

Just tested this against July’s beta. The unmodified maps prompt still persists.

“The ‘Play In’ modes must be part of the map’s transaction history”

Correct, that is what is happening in the video attached. It is intended to ask you that, as it technically changes the count of how many times the “game” has been launched. Since the editor logs that, it asks if you want it to save.

Hope this helps. If you encounter anything else that is not behaving as expected, let us know.



Hi Markus,

I am having difficulty reproducing this issue. I am on the July build and it is not prompting me to save on quit with an unchanged map.

Here are my repro steps:

  1. Create new project
  2. File> New map
  3. Blank Map
  4. File> Save as…
  5. Quit Editor
  6. Open Editor
  7. Open Map
  8. Quit Editor

Is there any other step that I am missing? Please give me as many details as possible.

Thank you,


Hmm… well it looks like the issue isn’t as bad as it was in the last build. All I know is that I had the problem still when I first installed the July Rocket build, but it doesn’t seem to be an issue anymore now after reinstalling it. Weird.

However there is still a problem from before, although nothing major this time around. I select something in the editor, and then open it in Standalone game mode. Just to prove I’m not crazy, I have a video attached. Again, no assets moved around in any way.

The “Play In” modes must be part of the map’s transaction history, thus prompting a save upon exit. But again, nothing is actually modified in the map. So still a minor irritation, but nothing as major as what the issue was before.

Sorry about that. :confused: