Remove project from launcher without deleting files?

I don’t believe there is currently any way to do this. I think a possible feature suggestion would be the ability to add tags to projects, that are stored in the .uproject file. It would allow us to manage/categorise projects better in the launcher UI. Though I personally have simply stopped using the launcher since a long time now. It’s probably quicker to just manually go find the project on your device and run it, rather than using the launcher. (Not that that is an answer to your question).

Is it possible to remove a project thumbnail from the library in my launcher without deleting it’s files?

At my work, my projects are typically stored on my local machine, but sometimes I need to open other peoples files or project backups on a shared network- resulting in a new project listed in my library. Since my use for that project was temporary, I don’t want it cluttering up my library, nor do I want to permanently delete the project that other people are using or we need for posterity.

When I right-click it and choose delete, I only seem to have the option to entirely delete the files, or do nothing.

this really needs to become a function. hard to understand why it’s being ignored when new builds come out every month

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Agreed. I’ve already run into a problem at work where I’ve hosted a template file for my coworkers to create new projects from, and then those coworkers delete the original template file in the launcher, thus deleting the entire project so no one else can access it.

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A workaround that works is to simply move the folder of the project, then create an empty folder with the same name as the moved folder in the same dir, and finally opening the library and deleting the project from there.

You can remove the projects in EditorSettings.ini , this can be either in AppData\Local\UnrealEngine\4.22\Saved\Config\Windows or in UE4 version \Engine\Saved\Config\Windows .

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no longer works, I just deleted the entire “%localappdata%\UnrealEngine” and i still have projects in my “My Projects”

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