Remove or raise the maximum cap from the numbers in Blueprints?

Hi there :slight_smile:

Is there an easy/simple way to remove or raise the maximum cap from the numbers in blueprints? I’m making an Idle game, and since the HP-s and stuff of the next monster is based on a multiplication of the previous monster’s stats, it is vital to the game.

I intend to multiply by 1.1 or so, I’m not totally crazy :slight_smile: But still, there should be loads of monsters, so I need higher numbers than the cap.

Thanks for any suggestions!

Are you sure you are going to reach the cap? What kind of numbers are we looking at here?

I intend to multiply by 1.1. Still, if I start at 10 HP and multiply that 200 times by 1.1 it hits the level cap.

Well if you are really going above the limit you have two choices.

  1. Use c++ libraries like
  2. Cheat the calculations and use strings instead

can we use gmplib function in blueprint?

if yes, how can we add in blueprint the “gmplib super int” variables?