Remove Only Certain Widgets Instead of All

Instead of Using “Remove All Widgets” then adding back the ones I want, how would add Blueprints that remove only SPECIFIC widgets of my choosing?

For example, I have something where a timer is running the same time as I run through doors. I want the interreact key to disappear while keeping the timer widget still running.

When you create widgets, you get a reference. Keep those references for later, then you can choose which ones to close when.

Where is the reference Stored?

That, is the six million dollar question. And it really depends on how you’re doing this.

Easiest method is to create them and keep the refs in the same place you want to do the removal from.

If that’s not possible, then you can always pass them around using one of character, game mode, player controller, game instance, yada yada yada…

Sorry, there is no fixed answer. People do a lot of weird things with widgets :wink:

I’ll see what I can do.

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I’d recommend one of

  1. Same place you create them


  1. Game instance

I found also the "Remove from parent, which worked just fine.

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Even better :smiley: