Remove One Widget

When i want a widget i must use “Remove all widgets”. Is it possible to remove a single widget? I have 3 different widgets displaying and only want to remove one.

An alternate is putting all widgets into one, but i am uncertain how to change text display from an actor being clicked without using “Event Tick” in my widget blueprint. Any suggestions?

basically I want on screen text to change when an actor is clicked. For example the text will change to " you have selected (object name)."

If you create a single widget with all of the 3 widgte you have to hide them and make them visible only when you want. For know that you can use a game istance too

Use the “Remove from Parent” node and input the widget you want to remove.

I’ll try the “Remove from Parent” option!

Another question. The text that appears in my Widget, prevents mouse interaction in the 3D world if the mouse is over the text. Is it possible to make the text from my widget not block my feedback? It’s static text, not a button or anything.

Yep, set the text’s visibility to ‘Hit Test Invisible.’ That will let clicks go through it.