Remove menu/buttons: is this possible?

Hi, I want to create a “mod” of the unreal editor: I’d like to:

  • replace top file/edit/window/help menus with new menus
  • change contextual menus
  • remove safe / modes / content / etc… buttons and replace them with new buttons.

Is this possible? Do I have to use C++ or is python enough?
Can you give me some hints?
Thank you very much.

Sure it’s possible, but seems like a very heavy handed mod.


  Example of removing existing menu items, and replacing with your own menu


import unreal

def main():

  menus = unreal.ToolMenus.get()

  # Get the main menu,
  main_menu = menus.find_menu("LevelEditor.MainMenu")

  # List all the default registered menus at top of the window,
  menu_to_delete = 

  # For each reg istered menu, drop all entries and remove the menu,
  for name in menu_to_delete:

  # Lastly drop the entries under MainMenu, otherwise we will have
  # menu buttons [File, Edit, Window, Help] without anything under

  # Add our own submenu
  my_menu = main_menu.add_sub_menu(
    owner = "LevelEditor.MainMenu",
    section_name = "Section",
    name = "My.Menu",
    label = "Fizzbuzz",
    tool_tip = "We replaced the old items with our own!"

  # Just add some entries to this menu for display purposes,
  for name in "Foo", "Bar", "Baz"]:
    e = unreal.ToolMenuEntry(
      name = name,
      type = unreal.MultiBlockType.MENU_ENTRY,
    my_menu.add_menu_entry("Items", e)


if __name__ == '__main__':

To get the names I looked in MainMenu.cpp and LevelEditorMenu.cpp


You can also set “display ui extension points” through editor settings and have green texts to give you hints on the menu names.

Great, thank you very much!