Remove megascan plugin

Hi all,
I’m trying to update a project to 4.25 but I have an issue with the megascan plugin. I think it is installed since I downloaded from bridge and I can export an asset for 4.25 , but building the project with visual studio give me an error. The error says to install the plugin or to remove it. So my question is how can I remove it ?

in Unreal Edit>Plugins > search for megascan. Uncheck the plug in. Restart

What is your OS?

I have created a new project to access the list, but it is not found.

I’m using windows 10

Check here…

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I don’t have megascan folder either. I just tried to reinstall the plugin, it has been downloaded but if I try to export, I get an error that says “could not send datas over port 13429”.
I can’t install it nor remove it, is it possible that the error is due to my 4.25 being installed on an external ssd ?

Ooooohhh…I know. The issue is you need to enable the correct megascans plugin in export settings (which will be version 4.25), place its file path in the unreal engine plugins folder, and then in the last inputbox place the file path for your project.

I’m pretty dumb, I mistook Installation folder and project folder (which I don’t set since I export when project is open.
Now it works, no need to uninstall finally. Thanks a lot !

Edit: I’m still not able to build the project with VS, I have another plugin which is still not ready for 4.25. I have no possibility to remove this one so I’m gonna copy again the project in 4.24, disable plugin, then duplicate and update project version, I hope it will not screw up other project using it