remove left virtual joystik

hai, im using 4.9.2 im working on android project

i have problem to delete “left virtual joystik”

im going do “project setting” and edit “default virtual joystik” in egine/hud but it’s seem we cant delete left joystik?? or im missing something??


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Default UE4 has two Touch Controller Setup - for Left and Right and for Right virtual joysticks. You can create new Touch Control Setup for Left Virtual Joystick.

Create new Touch Interface Setup and open it.

Enable Show Engine Content and find Default Virtual Joysticks Setup and open it. In new interface setup click on plus sign and add Control element.

In Default Control Setup right click on Control Element 1 and select Copy.

In new Control Setup right click on Control Element 0 and select Paste.

Now you have a new Control Setup. Add it to Input in Project Setup

This is result