Remove items of a array at times stored in them

I know the answer to this might bd simple but nothing comes to my mind right now.

So what i have is a array with different items. The array consists of two elements. Index, time. I want to use the time and remove the items after that time has elasped(basically using a delay i guess.). But if i use a for each loop for this its gonna wait till the time for the first item has elasped and then move to the next one and then count again and i dont want this. I want to start the counting as soon as a item is added and then remove the item after the time stored in it has elasped. Btw im adding items with keys for now. So there maybe a lot of items added at the same time.

If possible please provide screenshot of solution.

I hope I understood right what you mean and here’s what I came up with:

You’re going to need another Float array where you store the game time at the moment when you add an item to the Times array, and then you check how much time elapsed since that moment. Thus you can check all the elements at once, without using any Delay nodes.

Note that if the array is quite large results may be not precise, since a Foreach loop that runs off Tick may cause some performance issues. But with a reasonable Array length it’ll be fine.