Remove instance not working with packaged project

I made some dynamic trees for my game wich works like this: I have a line trace casting to a single instance of my foliage actor using its index. Then it removes the instance and places down a blueprint of the same tree with physics. It works perfectly in my editor but in my packaged project it spawns the new tree but does not remove the instance. The unremoved instance still have physics.

It does the same thing in stand alone mode

I solved the problem. I made a new foliage instanced static mesh actor, checked the "Use dynamic Instance Buffer and applied it to my foliage. It works in stand alone anyways, but I still have packaged project to try.

I’m sorry to ask, but how do you apply that to your foliage actor? Thanks!

I have same problem.
Where is "Use dynamic Instance Buffer " checkbox?

nevermind. Found in Remove Instance node works in editor but not in standalone game? - Programming & Scripting - Epic Developer Community Forums