Remove instance from Instanced Static Mesh

Hi, i have a problem, i tried generate basic map and block manipulate like minecraft, map generate by Instaced Static Mesh, but if i try remove instance by index (index find by LineTraceByChannel) then first item remove correctly but all the others visually remove random and physically removed correctly. Thx for your help.

[UE4 Problem - YouTube][1]

My guess is that removing any item completelly removes it from your array, which changed the index of anything above it to avoid having empty items.

I’m not sure why your raycast is not getting the “new” index of the thing you are trying to remove though. (I’m not very familiar with instanced static mesh components so I don’t know exactly how the remove instance node is behaving internally)

I think the index is correctly because all the transformation are done correctly, remove instance, update instance trasform, etc. All correctly done, but only physically, collison, player fall down from the block, but block visually still there… LineTraceByChannel return correct index, but RemoveInstance visually remove random component i don’t know how resolve that.

I resolved my problem. This is a bug of 4.17.1 version and maybe resolve in 4.18 i must downgrade project to 4.16.3 version.

Well, the issue is still not resolved in 4.17.2 …