Remove Instance always return false

Hi, Im working in a firefighter game with a forest, everything was ok until I have this trouble, since Remove Instance only work for some few trees, but for my large forest does not!, and I really feel sick with this kind of errors in unreal :mad:

WIP preview, this is a game for CONAFOR in México, CONAFOR is a government institution to fight against wildfire in our forests, they want an educational game to teach the children about nature, very cool huh?, I am using Kinect v2 with my own implimentation, looks very good, but I am really stuck with the problem I describe before, I really apreciate some help, mean while I am creating my own foliage based on an actor BP, probably performance eater jaja but I need finish

here the video WIP:

this is my BP inside my fire BP

this is my forest

As I say before, tested only work with a few instances, what happen?:frowning: