Remove/hide widget on actor destroy

I am working on inventory system for my project, I had few problems since I am new to UE, I solved every single one of them, but now, there is another one, and I am lost. My inventory system is similiar to DayZ or PUBG, showing items on the ground, dragging to equip etc etc… On item pickup begin overlap it dynamically add widget to ground section, on end overlap it simply hide the widget (first I wanted to remove it, but Its removing all of them), but after I pick up the item and destroy pickup actor, it doesnt only trigger sphere end overlap of the exact pickup, it triggers end overlap of every single pickup. Any help please?

~ Sorry if it looks retarded but its 3:51am in my country, and I didnt sleep for more than 30 hours. If there is any problem let me know and I will edit it. :slight_smile:

I think you should override event endplay to trigger event when actor gets destroyed, or you should hide the widget before you destroy that actor.