Remove from Viewport changed to Remove From Parent

search for deprecated to find all the important changes.

I have never been this angry at your software. For one we purchased another seat from your company and the computer crashes. 4.6, when you changed “Remove From Viewport” to “Removed From Parent” without officially letting anybody know, my entire blueprint for my pause menu is broken. Is there a list of other nodes that have been changed so I can have a little bit of a heads up before I start looking for nodes that use all the time, to only find out that they have been given a different name?

After looking into this, my frustration started once I tried to compile my UMG blueprint so that my Pause Menu would function properly. However, because of 4.6 not only did the Remove from parent function throw me off key, I also had to remove a canvas panel in order to allow my pause menu to function properly. Very frustrating.

Hi XLCRHitmanEQ,

I can understand your frustration with the changes and I apologize for that, but as Omnicypher has pointed out, we do list all changes and upgrades in the release notes for each engine release. These are a great source of information regarding all changes and new features that have been implemented.

Also, feel free to post on the Forum threads for each release as well. There is often some helpful information here that other users have posted that may be of interest on occasion.

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I will pass this feedback about name changes along to see if we can get a better way of calling information out like this to be more visible in our release notes.

Thank you!


Thanks Tim I appreciate it, maybe a legend or something, I don’t know. But though I understand the transition between engine versions could cause issues in our pipeline. But I haven’t had an issue transferring my project between versions until 4.6. Also, I can’t pass up the sweet changes you guys have made, most of these updates release content that will help speed up production time for me personally. Literally it’s been “I can’t get this to work the way I want it to!!” and you guys release an update and it’s exactly what I was looking for. I am not exactly a coder, I am still learning C++ so i have been working through the blueprint system. so the changes you guys make directly influence production time for me. Thanks guys I appreciate your replies.

That’s understandable and we do try to be as transparent about that as possible. For most users there shouldn’t be problems updating between builds. There will be things that break from time to time though. There have been some significant changes on the back-end with C++ though between versions 4.4 and 4.6 that won’t allow a build to compile without fixing those issues.

The new Blueprints system that was taken out of experimental with 4.6 changed some things to make better as a whole for the development community. It’s the unfortunate side of using and updating to each new build when the software is constantly in development. As frustrating as that can be I’ve learned to work with that system and only update a project I have when I know it has features I absolutely need and I’ll open a copy of my project to fully test and if everything seems to work well then I’ll move forward with that version.

Thanks for all the feedback and feel free to let us know anytime. The If you have any general feedback please post in the Feedback section of the forums. The support team and developers check it on a very regular basis. :slight_smile:

Thanks, XLCRHitmanEQ!