Remove Default Gun from First Person Template

If I can’t set up True First Person, I might as well figure out how to reset the normal First Person Template. You see I don’t want the default gun. I want the arms, and want to make these arms able to pick up new weapons. For some reason, trying to remove the gun made everything go bonkers and cause the Engine to crash, not to mention a sideways gun. If anyone can tell me how to delete the default gun to allow weapon pickups, please let me know.

I’m ready to give up.
Or switch to CRYENGINE.


Deleting the Default Gun requires a small amount of extra work to get the blueprint to compile. Here is what you need to do:

First, remove the FP_Gun mesh from the Component Tree in the FirstPersonCharacter blueprint.


Then, you’ll need to go into the blueprint’s Event Graph and remove the blueprint that spawns the projectile from the gun:

Finally, go into the construction script and remove the AttachTo node as well as the FPGun and Mesh 2P references:

Using this method to remove the gun and all of its references allowed me to PIE without any errors.

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Sean Flint

the graph is empty.,
im on 4.13
pleaseeee help!
thank you

If the graph is empty, I’d imagine you’re using a code project? If so, you’ll need to go into visual studio and comment out all the code that references VR_Gun and FP_Gun in your "ProjectName"Character.h and .cpp classes.

That should get you your desired results. However, it’s always good practice to start with a blank project and code the movement and camera controls that you’d like from scratch!

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thank you very much it worked for me :smiley:

Hi there I have this problem. There is no green “ADD COMPONENT” area on screen as in the first image the advice given is it’s in the “component tree” but i can’t see anything on screen which says it’s a component tree.

Ok if I click on the FP Charachter in the OUTLINER it brings up an area with a green “add component” bit in, but it’s a list of variables that looks absolutely nothing like the first image.

Also how do you get to the “blueprint’s Event Graph” and SPECIFICALLY WHAT do you do there.

Also where is the CONSTRUCTION SCRIPT section, and SPECIFICALLY WHAT do you do there? Please expand the answer or update it for UE 4.23 please.,