Remove Default Collision Channels

I want to remove the default collision response channels for both “Trace” and “Object” and have only my own custom ones. The main reason for this is just to simplify the project.

For example I don’t have any vehicles in my game so having a “vehicle” response channel just makes things unnecessary and messy…


The panel at the bottom, here:

Those are presets. I want to remove the default channels.

Not sure if that’s possible. It would render a lot of nodes useless. If you remove Visibility tracing, your mouse click would no longer work, for example…

Honestly its mostly for the object channels. I don’t intend to remove all but not having default channels i don’t need (like vehicle or destructible) is what i’m trying for.

Not sure if there’s an editor-side setting but perhaps the ini file can be edited manually. It’s mentioned at the top.

Judging by the behavior I’m familar with - deleting a channel in use results in defaulting to world static (I think) - this should be doable.

Apologies for the miunderstanding.