Remove Custom preview mesh used from Material memory/reference when migrating.

This might be just me due to using a VFX toolbox/kitbash project for all my effects, but when migrating new effects to their own project or to a clients project I happen to notice all the meshes that where used in a material as a preview get migrated along with the rest, while imho if they aren’t used in the map, particles, blueprints, or any other content besides a preview mesh…
They should be removed from the materials preview mesh memory/reference and additionally not being migrated along with the material.

Thing is, (additional annoyance) selecting the regular preview options (plane, sphere, etc) do not remove the custom mesh from memory/reference, yet cannot be selected anymore unless you happen to have it selected in the content browser.
This is additionally backwards.

the only way to remove this from memory/reference is selecting another mesh (one that needs to be migrated anyways) and re-save the material. (which sometimes still needs a node to be moved a tad for it to actually save)

Please remove this mesh from memory/Reference and make migrating great again.

Edit: just had one of the worst-case-scenario’s yet.

Blueprint still had a reference to a particle which contained 12 meshes, each with a unique material or material instance. most of these materials where still referencing (unnecessary) meshes, which in turn had a few materials on them which again (unnecessary) had some meshes references, which… well… materials > meshes > materials…

No really…

That is not a feature request, that should definitely be a Bug Report

already been down that road hehe.

Oh man, that is terrible. Good catch.