Remove components from linetrace with class?

To be short, i want to “Destroy actor” on multiple objects. I can do that to every class from “Hit actor” and then see if Equal class with my Hit Actor. But then if i have multiple objects my blueprint will get all cluttry. So i heard that you maybe could do it to components from one class and therefor not get all cluttry with Get Actor and cast to actor and so on.

Simply i want to check if it is a item in the class, if it is, then destroy only that component/item im pointing at, not the other components that is on the map.

Here is what my setup is like atm

Or is it anyway to just make it so i can destroy several objects without having to clutter down the whole blueprint with get actor and cast to actor? Cause i need so many sequences everytime because i need it for every item to be destroyed.