"Remove all widgets" removes touch interface

Hi everyone.
So i’ve made this unpause funcion:
So i remove all widgets (like pause menu) and add other widgets (like health bar)
The problem is that i want to had touch interface (a joystick) but the “remove all widgets” node removes it)

(I tryed “activate touch interface”, but it didn’t work).

Can Someone help?

If you want to remove only the widgets of some class, i think there’s a node that get all widgets, than you can get all of them with a foreachloop node, filter them and remove all the widgets that you don’t want with the remove from parent node, so your “joystick” won’t be able to ne remove. (Sorry for bad english, I’m french and pretty much 13)

Ok i made a funcion:

But now how do I hide the joystick when paused with blueprints?

Ok I found a way.
Just made a variable and a new touch interface blueprint:

Well thank you:)