Remove all other pins in Struct Fails

Does anyone know if I’m doing something wrong or if there is a bug in 4.18.3 for this function? I have a structure when I’m trying to use set members in <structure> I can right click and split struct pin and I can recombine the pins, but when I choose remove all other pins my screen flashes and nothing happens.

I’m trying to set only certain members as in this article but it seems like there is a bug.

Yes it take me a while to understand that when you select “set members”, you have to look in the details panel (at right) to see all the pin list and select those you want. Don t use right clic, it not works

Ah, OK, I also needed a variable for the structure reference input once I selected the pins in the details pane. Thanks for the help.

As an aside does anyone know if this functionality is a bug or by design?

For default you can’t hide pins if a structure is not referenced. If you try to hide that pan from the panel on your right, it only will create a new pin with that name, so be sure to reference a structure before to split it.