Remove a widget when lanetrace in not being blocked by interactable item

I am trying to make my first RPG game, however, i am having a problem with using lanetrace to remove press e widget when lanetrace is not colliding with pick able item

pls help I am really hyped about this project :frowning:

When you check to see if there is an interactable object in front of you - which im assuming you already have some kind of function that determines if there is or isnt an item in front of your face - you can do one of two things:

Set the interactable widget on your main hud object’s visibilty to hidden, which is a simple “set visibility” node or something along those lines


you can create the widget when you focus on the object and then unparent it from the viewport when you’re done using it.

I’d go with the first option because its easier to do and more efficient. If you dont have a main HUD and its just a widget you create in your character class (which is very naughty) you need to promote that widget as a variable by right clicking the blue dot it gives you under the create widget node and then when you unfocus you get the variable you created and from that variable you drag out and type set visibility or something along those lines. Then, whenever you need to pull up the widget again you just set visibility to visible in your event or function.

Legend ^^ thank you.

Hello! What nodes are used to show and hide widget?

Its a node called “Set visibility” and you drag it out from a widget variable

i use this set up