Remove a board from Widget Animation

I wish to remove a board from a widget animation. It plays a fade effect from dark color to 0% alpha color.


When it plays, it won’t let me go to my main menu, this is also located in the mainmenu widget:


What should i add to make the animation to be gone after it is finished and go to the menu widget?

If you want to trigger something after the animation has completed, select the Fadein animation and override its onAnimationFinished, get the Boarder->SetVisibility:Hidden

I can only select the Fadein animation in the Designer but there is no option about override.

In the Graph, i manage to add a EventonAnimationFinished but it does not give me the option for the animation Fadein.


At least i could “set” the Board to invisible, the animation runs and still won’t allow me to click the buttons on the MainMenu widget i created.

In the details panel:


Have a look at my answer now, I’ve uploaded a picture. This Event fires when the animations finishes.
You are setting the Boarder, you need to get it.

You need to Select the Fadein animation, go to the details panel and hit the green + button. This will create an Event with the correct signature for the animation. It will have the animation name in brackets, like in my image.

Also, you are Setting the Boarder, you need to Get it.

It worked as you expained, this is how it went:

Many thanks, my menu looks awesome now!