'Remotly' change/read values in the contruction script

I have construction script (let’s call him CS_A ) in my level and it has branching functions depending on the integer variable called ThePath.

If i select ThePath value 0 then CS_A performs set of predefined actions using and changing various variables, if i select 1 then it performs same set but using/changing same variables with different value, and so on. As an example, selecting ThePath ‘0’ CS_A will move to location A, on ‘1’ will move to location B. You get the idea.

Problem is, i have OTHER construction script (let’s call him CS_B ) that would like to read values from from CS_A’s locations A and B, but i can access only values depending which ThePath integer is selected (on ‘0’ location A, on ‘1’ location B).
I can set Integer value to whatever i want ( using CS_B ) but the change won’t ‘propagate’ through the CS_A same way as if i would manually change the ThePath’s integer value. So if i remotly change CS_A’s ThePath value from 0 to 1, it will still read values from 0.

I have to manualy select the CS_A, change the integer and let the CS_B read the location values.

Is there a way how to access CS_A’s both the values?

I hope it is not too confusing :slight_smile: