Remotely controlling a game running on a cloud server

Hi, one of my client wants an interactive simulation built in Unreal but at user end they might not have computers powerful enough to run the sim, so we were planning to host the game on a cloud server with 1080ti or higher and give remote access to the client, maybe using teamviwer or something like that. high frame rate is not a priority here, since we are going to be using vxgi anyway. Anyone here tried something like this? I am not 100% sure of the workflow, also would be great if someone can recommend a good hosting server.

my 2.C: i have done stuff like this before, the pc’s at uni are really bad, so for my big projects i remote into my home pc to work on them. you absolutely need hardware encoding/decoding on the stream, else you will have a really bad time(think 1-2+ seconds to update the screen) which will put input waayy out of sync. most servers, if not all, don’t have video cards, so they would not run the game anyway.
i use nerouter and steam for my stuff and i still have pretty bad input lag

Hi the teamviewer sessions that I run on my office pc are not that bad, and more than acceptable for my work, i get like over 20 fps i believe, as for servers with graphic cards I plan to use EC2 G3.

seems like you have everything planned already :slight_smile:

If you can host a machine then you can try Gamestream though it’s meant as a consumer tool. It might run better since it’s optimized for games and is built in to Nvidia cards.

I will try Gamestream, thanks for the recommendation @darthviper107.

thanks darthviper107, I will try gamestream and see how it works.