[REMOTE] VFX artist in FiolaSoft Studio - sci-fi/fantasy FPS game

Project Title:
Project M (official title not announced yet)

FiolaSoft Studio are looking for skilled people that would be willing to work on a semi-big indie game project. Our current team is made out of game developers that have already worked together in the past and successfully shipped several games, the latest one has been released globally on both PC and consoles. The current game project we are working on has got a complete game design, story script, functional prototype and solid art direction.

We are looking for VFX artist:
Project M is a new sci-fi/fantasy FPS game developed in Unreal Engine 4.26. Since the game is unannounced yet, we can share only that we are working on this new FPS for 2 years already. We have proper funding. Great & creative international team. We are close to finally announce the game and showcase it with gameplay reveal trailer. But what we are missing is a set of good VFX effects.

We are looking for VFX Artist who can help us with many different and various effects for our game. We are looking for VFX’s based on both: Cascade or/and Niagara systems. The work is not just about creation of visual effects, but maybe also taking part in the discussion for important scenes and story events in the game. Since we are creating sci-fi/fantasy game, there is big room for various effects. The game is highly stylized, but with fresh/original art-style.

The expected scope of work is not entirely short-term. But if you are interested, we would like to propose you collaboration on Freelance/Contract basis. So we set order for specific effects and you can invoice every time the work will be delivered. Of course this is highly negotiable. We are really looking for someone who can help us achieve great game experience. We can’t wait to work with you! :slight_smile:

Team Name:
FiolaSoft Studio s.r.o. based in Prague, Czech Republic

Talent Required:
VFX Artist

  • Experience working as a VFX artist
  • Knowledge of Unreal’s Cascade or Niagara
  • Shader creation with Material Editor for UE4


Contact us on email with personal portfolio: [EMAIL=“”]