Remote - UE 4 multiplayer - Gamelift


We are looking for an experience Dev that know multiplayer + gamelift to help us to finish our game.

The game is a multiplayer mobile game where plyaer customize a hero to fight against other enemy.
Project is done with blueprint

**The goal: **

  • fix the project to be sure it’s working with a server on Amazon gamelift
  • try to keep as much as possible blueprints, so we will be able to add update to it later.
  • build the android package file (.apk) and be able to download it to play the game on a mobile device (with internet connection, communication with server)
  • player connect to the game with an unique ID, he doesn’t have to write his logging name anymore.
  • logging screen become a loading screen with a progress bar
  • at the end, explain to us how to modify the project and reupload it on gamelift to generate new updates

**Main technical aspect of the game: **

  • the server run the game to avoid hacking
  • all data are saved on the server (player data, inventory data, …)
  • the server run the fight, player cannot interact during the fight.

**Actual issue/not very well done to fix: **

  • not sure the communication server-client is working properly.
  • the ID gave to the player during the logging screen is just an integer, but not a real ID. It will be better to generate a real game ID
  • for a fight, searching for an enemy is not done properly because of the ID. (Related to the previous issue)
  • ranking player: same ID problem, and all players should be sorted by points.
  • chat system doesnt work because of server problem (chat system is from the marketplace and need to be added)
  • during the countdown at the start of a fight (3…2…1…) we must be able to switch enemy by pressing “next enemy” button. Then countdown restart. The player can press this button as many times he wants.

**Other : **

  • if you need to change anything in the game workflows, if you think some part of the game should be programmed differently, be free to do anything you think is necessary to improve the game and performance. But take notes of those change for us to understand why you changed something and how it works.

Contract :
We are looking for a talented dev with experience in multiplayer mobile game with UE (if not, dont send us an email…)
Please, send us references of previous game title your worked on, and your **rate **at

Thank you!