[REMOTE] Mecha Mayhem Seeking Visual Effects Artist



Mecha Mayhem VR is an explosive mech assault game giving the player full control of their mech from inside the cockpit. Check out our alpha teaser here!

**The Mecha Mayhem team is seeking a skilled Visual Effects Artist to work on enhancing our visual presentation for Mecha Mayhem. Artist must be familiar with the Unreal Engine 4 workflow and be able to work with UE4 Ready assets. Visual Effects experience with weapons and mech style are highly preferred. **

Tasks include being able to render both realistic and stylized looking VFX using game engine technology, simulating dynamics to animate game assets, developing tools and processes to support the VFX pipeline for our game production. Candidate must be able to adapt to new techniques, technologies and art style changes throughout the game development process. Artist may have the opportunity to work on explosions, UI for the HUD and cockpits, projectiles and more!



  • **2-4 years of experience in VFX production for video games. **

  • Experience with at least 2 shipped titles as an VFX Artist.

  • Experience in video game production

  • Passionate Gamer (Mech Enthusiasts welcome!)

  • UE4 Workflow Experience

If you’re a Mech Enthusiast and would love to be a part of the development of an amazing FPS Mech shooter then look no further!

Please email [EMAIL=“”] and CC [EMAIL=“”] if you are interested in this position!